Frequently Asked Questions

How are classes taught online?

Neumont University has worked carefully with faculty and staff to create compelling online content for students to learn online via a learning management system. Each course is taught by an instructor who is available to answer questions and respond to students' needs through the learning management system, email, and video chat. Students enrolled in the online associate program will also be assigned an advocate who will work with them to ensure they stay on track and get the support they need via email and phone.  

What is the course schedule like?

Every student who enrolls in the Associate of Science in Software Development takes two required computer science courses in their first quarter:

  • DEV100 Introduction to the Technology Industry (2 credits)
  • DEV105 Introduction to Programming (4 credits)

In addition to these classes, student typically take an additional required computer science core course or a required general education course. Some examples of what these classes may be are listed below:

Computer Science Core (Required):

  • DEV125 Hardware and Software Systems (4 credits)
  • DEV135 Software Development Process (4 credits)
  • TST100 Testing Theory (4 credits)
  • TST110 Test-driven Development (4 credits)

General Education (Required):

  • ENG120 College Writing (4 credits)
  • FAC110 Effective Communications (4 credits)
  • HUM140 Logic and Analytical Thinking (4 credits)
  • MAT160 Intermediate College Algebra (4 credits)

Students typically begin taking elective courses their second quarter. Course availability may change; not all courses will be offered every quarter. For a full program overview and course listing, see the Course Catalog.

How long does it take to earn an associate degree?
Students enrolled in the online associate degree are expected to graduate in two years or eight quarters with 90 total credits earned. Classes may be required or elective. Courses are offered with specific deadlines to help students stay on track towards graduation. Not all courses may be offered at all times. Course schedules may vary based on transfer credits and availability.Below is a sample of what a student's course progression may look like by quarter.
Q1: 14 credits
Q2: 12 credits
Q3: 12 credits
Q4: 12 credits

DEV100 (2 credits, required)

DEV105 (4 credits, required)

DEV 125 (4 credits, required)

FAC110 (4 credits, gen ed)

TST100 (4 credits, required)

ENG120 (4 credits, gen ed)

DEV160 (4 credits, elective)

DEV135 (4 credits, required)

HUM140 (4 credits, gen ed)

DEV110 (4 credits, elective)

TST110 (4 credits, required)

MAT160 (4 credits, gen ed)

DEV230 (4 credits, elective)

Q5: 14 credits
Q6: 12 credits
Q7: 8 credits
Q8: 8 credits

HUM215 (4 credits, gen ed)

TST120 (4 credits, elective)

DEV150 (4 credits, elective)

PRJ100 (4 credits, required)

SSC160 (4 credits, gen ed)

DEV240 (4 credits, elective)

PRJ110 (4 credits, required)

FAC290 (4 credits, gen ed)

PRJ120 (4 credits, required)

TST130 (4 credits, elective)


Students are required to have access to the following equipment for the duration of their enrollment in the online associate degree program. Your desktop or laptop computer must have a Core i5 processor, 4GB of memory, 256GB hard drive, a keyboard, and a mouse that you are comfortable using for extended periods of time. It must also have a monitor with 1920 x 1080 or greater resolution. Your operating system must be running Windows 10 or Mac OS Sierra. You'll also need a streaming web cam with microphone and speakers (preferably in a headset). Finally, you will need access to a high-speed internet connection with a minimum of 5 mbps download and 1 mbps upload speeds with a 100 gigabyte data cap or higher. Generally, a wired connection (DSL, Cable, or Fiber) is ideal. This list of tech requirements is the minimum required to successfully complete your studies. If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Neumont students enrolled in the online associate degree leave with a full Associate of Science degree, which requires completing 24 hours of general education coursework (six total courses) similar to the requirements of traditional universities. These courses are taken each quarter for the first six quarters of the degree plan. View our Course Catalog for more information on specific courses and requirements for graduation.

Neumont's online associate degree program follows a project-based learning model that requires students to work in small teams to complete projects. At this time, the online degree is designed with the expectation that students will earn an average of 12 credit hours per quarter. Students in our undergraduate programs attend courses full-time and year-round to earn an associate degree in two years.


No, students wishing to attend any of Neumont's programs must be enrolled as degree-seeking students. Neumont alumnus in good standing may contact the Director of Enrollment to discuss their options for returning to Neumont to take a refresher course or certain elective courses.


Neumont University is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Due to a recent decision by the U.S. Department of Education regarding ACICS, Neumont currently has an in-process application with another accreditor and is meeting all the conditions required by the Department of Education. For more information about Neumont's accreditation status, go here

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