Neumont University is the premier choice for students with a passion for technology and the drive to become innovators in their field. There are hundreds of reasons to choose Neumont for your digitally-oriented degree, but we think this Top 10 captures some of the most obvious. 


Neumont University's top 10 advantages.
97% of our graduates are employed within six months of graduation.
Everyone here is just like you. Scary, right?
Employers that have hired our grads: Google, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Nike, and IBM to name a few.
Pure CS. Computer Science is our focus Even our general education courses have a tech slant.
Neumont has run 349 projects with 81 different companies all across the country.
Real world projects, clients, and experience.
Our graduates earn an average starting salary of $63,000 per year.
Tech Campus: 5 floors of learning, 7 floors of housing, elevator commute.
Neumont University's approach to education has been recognized by national and local press.
Earn your bachelor's degree in three years. Get in, get out, get paid. No wasted time.
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