Neumont's Capstone Project Invitational is an event for students with the best Capstone Projects to demonstrate their work to alumni, industry partners, and their peers. Capstone Projects are a senior project on steroids. These projects range from e-commerce solutions to social media encryption tools and are some of the coolest innovations Neumont students have to offer. They start with an idea and software development know-how, then in 10-weeks they build something awesome enough to catapult them through to their final year.

Project-Based Learning 

Capstone Project Invitational is a great time to see what project-based learning means in practice. Students must conceive, build, and demonstrate their project in 10 weeks.  

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Neumont students, alumni, staff, faculty, friends, family, employers, and the community are encouraged to attend this event. 

The next Capstone Project Invitational will be held on Friday, January 12, 2018.

Rules & Eligibility:

To present at Capstone Project Invitational, students must complete a Capstone Project class. Presenters are selected by a panel of faculty and staff during the course. Students will be invited to present their project to alumni and industry partners. They will be notified via email and in-person if they are selected to present. 

For more detailed information about Capstone Project Invitational, please email

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