Neumont University Announces New President Shaun E. McAlmont

Salt Lake City, June 16, 2015 -- Neumont University’s Board of Directors announces Shaun E. McAlmont as the next president, effective July 1, 2015. McAlmont succeeds Edward “Ned” Levine, current president, CEO and board member, who has held the office of president for almost eight years.

“Shaun has proven experience in education and leadership and belief in the Neumont mission that will keep the university and its students on our distinctive course,” said President Levine. “He’s well-respected in education and business. He’s able to work effectively with all of Neumont’s constituencies – employers, faculty, staff, regulators and students. Shaun is fortunate to be joining a well-rounded senior management team populated by outstanding professionals. I look forward to working with him during the transition and as a member of the Board.”

McAlmont is an experienced educator. Most recently, he was the CEO of Lincoln Educational Services, a technical education institution with 31 campuses in 15 states. He has also served on a number of governing boards in education, including the BYU Marriott School of Management National Advisory Council, the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities Board of Directors, and the California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools Board of Directors. McAlmont has also worked in student affairs at Stanford University. Originally from Canada, Mr. McAlmont earned a bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University (where he was an NCAA collegiate athlete) and a master’s degree in education administration at the University of San Francisco. He is married with four children. He currently resides in New Jersey and is in the process of moving his family to Utah.

“I look forward to being a part of this unique institution,” McAlmont said. “The University has developed an academic model and culture of student support that is unlike anything I have seen in post-secondary education.”

During the summer months, President Levine will work closely with McAlmont to ensure a smooth transition. Additionally he will continue in his role with the Board of Directors.

Neumont’s Board Chairman Christopher Busby said, “When Ned informed the Board he would be leaving the presidency, we knew that we had a significant gap to fill. His leadership made Neumont the educational pioneer it is today. His indefatigable commitment to the University is evident in every part of the institution. We thank Ned for his service, and we are confident that Shaun’s proven leadership will lead to more great things for Neumont.”

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