Neumont is focused on one thing: technology. There’s no football team, no fraternity pranks, and no cheerleaders. Our programs are distraction-free, compressed, cutting-edge, and built for speed.

Neumont offers bachelor’s degrees that can be completed in 3 years. Compared to traditional colleges, this is geek heaven. 

Students earn their bachelor's degrees in 3 years by attending classes year-round.


At Neumont, you’ll learn by doing. By working in project teams, you'll master new concepts, explore learning exercises, and build solutions in problem-based challenges. Our applied learning philosophy gives you an opportunity to learn how to innovate.

Innovation in Education

We offer nationally featured, industry-strength degree programs with a focus on computer science. All of our programs are founded on the same principle: professional focus, delivered through a hands-on format, and on a compressed timeline.

"At a time when the return on investment in a traditional four-year college degree looks riskier than ever, Neumont, founded in 2003, is an intriguing alternative for people whose sights are set on an IT career.”

–- This College is for Tech Geeks, Fortune Magazine, April 24, 2015 


Enterprise Projects are the proving ground where you'll implement everything you've learned and build a digital portfolio of projects with supervision from companies like 1-800 Contacts, Dell EMC, and Bosch. You’ll take on a variety of roles – from team lead to developer to analyst as you participate in a team of students learning to build, design, and test code. You'll complete up to three Enterprise Projects at Neumont, each lasting about 10 weeks.

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