Neumont is focused on one thing: technology. There’s no football team, no fraternity pranks, and no cheerleaders. Our programs are distraction-free, compressed, cutting-edge, and built for speed.

Neumont offers bachelor’s degrees that can be completed in 3 years. Compared to traditional colleges, this is geek heaven. 


At Neumont, you’ll learn by doing. By working in project teams, you'll master new concepts, explore learning exercises, and build solutions in problem-based challenges. Our applied learning philosophy gives you an opportunity to learn how to innovate.

Recognized for Innovation in Education

We offer five nationally-recognized, industry-endorsed, programs with a focus on computer science. All of our programs are founded on the same principle: professional focus, delivered through a hands-on format, and can be completed in three years.

Neumont takes an innovative approach to education, one which has been recognized by the Department of Education for "Charting the Course of U.S. Higher Education.”

–- A TEST OF LEADERSHIP: Charting the Future of U.S. Higher Education, A Report of the Commission Appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Education, September 2006



We're expanding our degree programs to accommodate your lifestyle. Introducing our first-ever fully online degree, an Associate of Science in Software Development. This degree has been developed to provide the same hands-on, project-based education that sets all of of our degrees apart.

Learn more about our online software development degree. 


Enterprise Projects are the proving ground where you'll implement everything you've learned and build a digital portfolio of projects with supervision from companies like IBM, eBay, or Nike. You’ll take on a variety of roles – from team lead to developer to analyst as you participate in a team of students learning to build, design, and test code. You'll complete up to three Enterprise Projects at Neumont, each lasting about 10 weeks.

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