Maanas Bukkuri



Product Manager




Class of 2010, Bachelor  and Master of Science, Computer Science

About Your Choice:

"A lot of success that I have gained over the last decade is because of my passion of technology, but I wouldn’t be where I am if I had a gone a different route. I think Neumont has played a huge part of it."

- Maanas Bukkuri, Neumont Alumnus, Product Manager, Guess


I'm a self-starter, and I push myself to the limit.


I wanted to learn in a fast environment that would allow me to gather practical knowledge I could put to use right away.


I graduated from Neumont and started working at 1-800 Contacts doing QA. During that time, I also completed my master's program. Then I was hired by REI Systems along with a lot of other Neumont students. There I did full-stack development. After about a year, I went to Epsilon. But I wasn't coding as much as I wanted to. Also, it felt time to move back home to California. So I moved to Sysrepublic, a market leader in Retail Analytics at the time. Throughout my four years there, I eventually became an adhoc Product Manager working on projects for clients like Kohls, 7/11, Steinmart, and Winco. On that path, I moved to a company called HYFN as I took my first official position as a Product Manager. Now I manage all consumer facing mobile apps for the fashion brand, GUESS?. Now I look to a future with wide open possibilities, building leading edge products solving real problems for real people, looking to make a huge impact. 

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