Neumont works with leaders in the tech industry to develop curricula that graduates career-ready tech professionals. We create an atmosphere that fosters innovators who are prepared to work in a team and communicate effectively.

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Neumont has run 520 projects with 112 companies all across the country.

Employers that have hired our grads include Google, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Nike, IBM, and Yahoo.


  • Enterprise Projects: Test drive a team of students prior to making a hiring decision.
  • Tech Talks: Present to Neumont students on topics in the tech industry or your organization. 
  • Interview: Interview students before they graduate. You can even target our next graduating class or students looking to work in a specific state or area of technology.
  • Career Fair: Once a year, employers are invited to a booth fair on campus where current students meet your recruiters and developers.
Earn your bachelor's degree in 3 years.


the 10-week interview

In Enterprise Projects, Neumont students work in teams with partners to plan, design, and execute a project. This allows employers to better assess how a future tech professional will fit in their environment. That’s why we call it the 10-week interview.

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Our goal is to produce graduates who hit the ground running from day one on the job. To accomplish this goal, our curriculum pairs practical, real-world experience with relevant theory. This results in career-ready tech professionals with a deep understanding of technology and business. And employers consistently report Neumont students are ahead of the curve compared to other college graduates — then come back to hire more.

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Through our project-based approach, students gain practical experience through Enterprise Projects. Partners for these projects include local and national companies that supervise a team of students as they deliver, test, and present a completed project. 

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