Neumont President Shaun McAlmont Announces The Institution's Name Change to Neumont College of Computer Science

Salt Lake City, July 28, 2017--From the time I began as president, it was clear that a bachelor’s degree from Neumont is different. And every day, as I watch faculty and students share their passion and love for technology it’s clear to me that at Neumont, we are the best at what we do; teaching computer science.

Our expertise is computer science. Neumont’s unique approach to education has always meant a balance of traditional college theory, tech school skills, and a project-based rigorous experience that is unparalleled in its approach and outcomes. It’s time our name better reflected who we are and what we do.

I am excited to announce we’re changing our name to Neumont College of Computer Science.

In Utah alone there are more than 3,800 open computer science jobs – that’s 2.6 times the average demand rate in Utah. On a national level, there are currently 500,000 open computer science jobs, and they’re projected to grow at twice the rate of other jobs. As a nation, we’re experiencing a shortage in computing-specific STEM jobs, and Neumont is committed to help closing the gap. We’re going to do it by doing what we do best, but we can’t help more students get career-ready computer science education if they don’t know who we are. Our recognition in the STEM environment should be immediate.

That’s why Neumont College of Computer Science is the best name for our institution. Neumont students don’t sit through hours of lectures on theory or the history of computing. Neumont students learn in small, hands-on, project-based classes. There is no football team, Greek row or tens of thousands of students to compete with. The very nature of the word university does not allow for specialization in the title. Those assumptions are something we’ve worked hard not to be.

It’s time our name fully embraces who we are. We’re Neumont College of Computer Science.

We will join Boston College, Dartmouth College, Olin College of Engineering and a bevy of other high quality baccalaureate granting colleges around the country with this change.

Join me in celebrating this next step in Neumont’s history that will reinforce Neumont’s commitment to better teaching, higher intensity, and a closer tie to the realities of the tech industry. Our vision is to best the best at computer science education, so we’re changing our name to better reflect our identity.

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