Neumont University Celebrates National Teacher Week Honoring Aaron Reed Ed.D. on his Doctorate in Higher Education

Salt Lake City, May 10, 2017--Neumont University, a private institution offering bachelor's degrees in computer science and related fields in three years joined in National Teacher Appreciation Week celebrating faculty Aaron Reed, Ed.D., the university’s chief academic officer who received his doctorate in higher education from Texas Tech University last fall. Reed’s dissertation focused on identifying reasons some students drop out of computer science programs while others persist to graduation.

“At Neumont, we have a rich history of having faculty who are passionate about tech and helping our students succeed,” Shaun McAlmont Neumont University president said. “Dr. Reed has embodied those same teaching-roots for more than a decade. His work in understanding what lies behind a student’s success has already helped our faculty and staff better understand even more successful outcomes for our current students. What’s perhaps even more impressive is that Dr. Reed’s passion for the issue extends well beyond our campus and will help to address a larger systematic issue our country is dealing with.”

Reed said the idea, “is something I’ve been passionate about for years. Our nation is in a serious computer science worker shortage crisis that goes under-reported. We're in some serious trouble as a country. As a computer science grad myself, I know how fun it is and how awesome the career opportunities are. As an American, I see the problem and want to try and help fix it.”

McAlmont says the ability to see a problem and look for a solution is emblematic of Neumont’s education philosophy. Reed has played a key role in laying that foundation in the classrooms of the university.

Reed, who also received a master’s degree in computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology, has worked at Neumont for more than 12 years – holding positions ranging from teacher to university relations manager to his current role as chief operating and academic officer.

“We’re celebrating the caliber of faculty at Neumont and all teachers across the nation this week,” said McAlmont, “who like Dr. Reed, have made significant contributions in education and are helping to changes students’ lives for the better.” 

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