Neumont University FReX Weekend Showcases Student Projects and Salt Lake City: President Addresses Neumont’s Blueprint for Success and Accreditation

Salt Lake City, March 9, 2017--Tech-savvy high school seniors from all over the country who have been accepted to attend Neumont University descend on downtown Salt Lake City this weekend for a taste of STEM-life at Neumont’s “Freshman Experience” or as it’s known on campus, “FReX.”

“The weekend is an opportunity to give future students a chance to better understand our unique approach to computer science education,” President Shaun McAlmont explains. “The highlight of the weekend is our Project Showcase – a must-see tech fair where students display and demonstrate the projects they’ve developed in a friendly competition.”

Project Showcase is open to the public and held Friday, March 10 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Neumont University, located at 143 South Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City.

However, FReX is about more than student projects. “This is really where students and their families get the reassurance they’re making the right choice in higher education,” says McAlmont. “Since more than 80 percent of our students are from outside the state [of Utah], FReX is an important opportunity to showoff what a great place Salt Lake is to live and to see that Neumont is different by design.”

He notes that with recent changes in Washington, D.C. including a new administration and Department of Education leadership, “there are a lot of questions about where private education is headed. But we know that there is a huge demand for computer science degrees.” He cites reports that show more than 527,000 open computing jobs nationwide, while last year less than 43,000 computer science students graduated into the workforce. “Our focus has always been and will continue to be preparing students to be career-ready by graduation,” says McAlmont.

McAlmont says he’s looking forward to addressing prospective students and their families at FReX, where he’ll talk more about Neumont’s blueprint for success and Neumont’s transition process to a new accreditor.

He says, “FReX gives accepted students and their families a chance to experience our project-based culture first-hand.” He made similar statements earlier this week that can be found on Neumont’s blog.

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