Neumont College of Computer Science Unveils New Mission Statement: Improving Lives Through Education

Salt Lake City, June 25, 2018--Neumont College of Computer Science is pleased to unveil their new mission statement, “Improving lives through education.”

Neumont President Aaron Reed, Ed.D. shared his enthusiasm for the new message with the student body in a school-wide email stating that “a mission statement should inspire and drive action. We are an institution full of people who are passionate about computer science education; it’s time our mission statement better represented who we are and what drives us.”

The mission statement is based upon the school values, distilled into the following six representations:

  • Tirelessly passionate about education
  • Student-centered
  • Striving for excellence
  • Innovative
  • Inclusive
  • United

Reed explained that while the updated mission statement and values are a better representation of who Neumont is, and what the institution is constantly striving to accomplish, the updates are not a change in the college’s mission.

“We’ve been changing lives through education for years,” he explained. "This is a more succinct reflection of that accomplishment." 

You can read more about the mission statement and values of Neumont on the college's blog at

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