Institution Maintains Accreditation Through ACICS Transition and is in Process with New Accreditor

Salt Lake City, September 28, 2016--Neumont University President Shaun McAlmont addressed the school's accreditation this week in response to the U.S. Department of Education ruling that the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) can no longer accredit institutions of higher education.

At an assembly and in an email to students, McAlmont explained, "Neumont University began the process months ago of changing accreditors from ACICS." Neumont remains accredited through the ACICS transition period for 18 months as they transition to a new accrediting body.

But McAlmont believes that the school will be under the banner of a new accrediting body within half that time. "We're already through the first two steps of the five-step process for changing accreditors," McAlmont said.

First Neumont had to apply and be accepted to attend an initial workshop for the accreditor. The second step was attending a conference, which Neumont has already done. Steps three and four include completing the formal application for accreditation and then completing a self-evaluation. The final step is a team visit from the accrediting body. McAlmont said Neumont is currently working on steps three and four and expects a resolution within six to nine months.

"This change will not affect the quality—or value—of education that has always set Neumont apart. Regardless of our accreditor, Neumont will continue to deliver a hands-on, rigorous, project-based and results-driven computer science education for all of our students," said McAlmont.

"Neumont's outcomes are unique for an institution of higher education," said McAlmont. 

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