Newly Formed Alumni Association Names First President

Salt Lake City, August 8, 2016--Neumont University, a private institution offering bachelor's degrees in computer science and related fields in three years, congratulates Jacob Glines on being named the first Neumont Alumni Association President. Glines was a member of the school's first graduating cohort in 2006 and is currently a Senior Software Engineer at ITN International.

"I started when Neumont began in the foothills of Cottonwood Heights," Glines said. "There wasn't any proof that the Neumont concept would be successful or that my investment of time and money would help me in creating a better future for me and my family. I kept with it and with determination, I graduated and had a job even before graduation."

Prior to his current position at ITN International, Glines held positions in software engineering and development at TrakitGPS, Navitaire and The Modellers.

Neumont President Shaun McAlmont expressed appreciation for the newly formed association and praised Glines for his willingness to take-on the responsibility of heading up the new organization.

"We take such pride in our alumni," McAlmont said, "and we are excited to partner with this new association on initiatives to help further their careers, foster relationships and open doors for future graduates. I know I speak for all of– from our staff, faculty and current students to our alumni – when I say we are thankful to Jacob and his committee for making this association a priority."

Glines said, "The main goal of the alumni association is to bring together and nurture the relationship between Neumont, current students and alumni." He said the committee is discussing how to best help students and alumni going forward.

McAlmont noted that there will be numerous opportunities for alumni to join students for social, academic and employment related events in the future.  

In addition to Glines, Neumont Alumni Association committee members include Sarah Mayberry (Class of 2008), Brett Kotter (Class of 2009), and Jonathan Michael (Class of 2013).

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