Neumont University Announces Move to Three-Year Programs for Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science and Related Fields   

Salt Lake City, October 1, 2014 – Neumont University, an accredited institution that grants bachelor’s degrees in computer science and related disciplines, announces its bachelor degree programs will move to a three-year (12-quarter) format beginning in September 2015.

Neumont Executive Vice President of Academic Operations Aaron Reed said, “The change provides a more seamless experience throughout the school. Every freshman will begin the year with the same core curriculum to aid them in a better understanding the type of work each degree entails. This gives students more tools for deciding their degree program, and ultimately their future career.”

The university currently offers five bachelor’s degrees: computer science, information systems, software & game development, technology management and web design & development. Reed says the three-year program honors the accelerated timeline while allowing more time for students to take electives and participate in extracurricular activities on and off-campus.

Erin McCormack, dean of students, explained, “The average American student is increasingly unprepared for the real-world post college experience. At Neumont, we are constantly looking for ways to help our students succeed, and as such are constantly scrutinizing the Neumont experience. We received feedback from students and parents about the change (to three years), and believe it will be instrumental in helping our students succeed.”

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