Neumont University Diversity and Community Contributions with Launch of Women in Technology and Service Scholarships

Salt Lake City, October 30, 2015--Neumont University, an institution of higher education that grants bachelor’s degrees in computer science and related fields in three years announces two new scholarship awards. The Women in Technology Scholarship and Service Scholarship are available for students enrolling in the fall of 2016.

With the largest enrollment in the history of Neumont University, the school is celebrating an increase in the population, which includes more women in the new 2015 Freshman Class.

“We saw increased enrollment across the board in all types of students this year,” President Shaun McAlmont said. “But we’re particularly enthused about increasing the number of women attending the university, and we want that trend to continue upwards.”

Karick Heaton, director of enrollment, says the timing is perfect for rolling out the Women in Technology Scholarship. Heaton explained that all female applicants who are admitted for fall 2016 are eligible for consideration of the scholarship. The award is a flat $12,000 and is distributed evenly over the 12-quarter program (i.e. $1,000 a quarter).

“Quite simply, the Women in Technology Scholarship is to encourage more women to study the computer sciences,” Heaton said. “And Neumont is a place where they can do that comfortably.”

The Service Scholarship is another award that Neumont is excited about. The scholarship will be awarded to students who have made significant contributions through community, religious or military service.

“For us, being in the center of downtown Salt Lake City has really awakened a sense of community in our staff, faculty and students,” Heaton shares. “As an institution, there’s been a successful push to increase our participation in service projects on the local level, but we also want to celebrate and support the types of students who have made significant contributions or sacrifices to their communities and our country. And that’s primarily who the Service Scholarship is for.”

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