Neumont University Employees Celebrate Success With Service

Salt Lake City, September 17, 2015--Neumont University, a private for-profit institution that grants bachelors degrees in computer science and related fields in three years, will celebrate increased fall enrollment this year with a service project.

On Friday, September 18, faculty and staff from the university will join with Utahns Against Hunger to harvest produce for those in need. Neumont University Admission Manager Jason Thompson explained that “traditionally the group primarily responsible for recruiting and the admissions process get together to celebrate collectively off-site. This year we wanted to do something different.” Neumont University’s Director of Admissions Karick Heaton challenged his team to explore options in the community and find a place where they could make an impact. Heaton asked for the project to be near Neumont University’s campus at 143 South Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. The project also needed to take place when staff and faculty could get away – so ideally, during a break when students were off-campus.

Thompson reached out to numerous non-profits and Utahns Against Hunger was the best fit for the service celebration.

The project falls less than two months after President Shaun McAlmont took the reins. McAlmont says the timing is no coincidence.

“We are a national player, but we recognize there’s much to be done locally,” McAlmont says. “Our students come from all over the country and are amazed at the stunning landscape and friendly faces they find in Salt Lake. Residents should expect to see more from Neumont University on a local level. We’re proud of our Salt Lake roots and are looking forward to continued partnerships.”

Neumont University was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2003, to fill the growing national demand for industry-ready technology professionals by offering an accredited bachelor’s degree in three years that immerses students in a rigorous, project-based curriculum. 

Utahns Against Hunger works to increase access to food through advocacy and education. Since 1981, Utahns Against Hunger has worked to expand the reach of nutrition programs to the estimated 1 in 6 households in Utah that struggle to afford enough food. More information available at

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