We provide services and programs that help our students adjust to the rigors of campus life academically, financially, and socially. This page serves as a guide to help you remember and identify the services you might need. Don't forget: When you're not certain, you can always contact your Resident Advisor, Peer Leader, or Advocate for answers to your questions.


Neumont's administration wants to create a campus environment that supports the learning and development of every student. To support this goal, we carefully monitor campus and neighborhood crime statistics to evaluate ways to make our campus environment safer. 

  • In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, Neumont publishes an Annual Security & Fire Safety Report. This report includes campus security policies and crime statistics for the last three calendar years. 

  • You can download our Annual Security & Fire Safety Report, to view the reported crimes on the Neumont campus, in student housing, and the surrounding neighborhood.

  • For more information about campus security contact our Office of Student Affairs.

Dining Options

  • The Neumont Market is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The cafe offers chips, drinks, snacks, fruit, and pre-made salads and sandwiches. Students can load money to the student ID for use in the cafe.
  • There are fridges and microwaves on campus where students can prepare their meals - this is the most economical way to eat at school
  • There is a food court, grocery store, and several small cafes and restaurants in addition to food carts and trucks within walking distance of campus with lunches starting at $5 - $15.

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Fitness Center

  • Students living in the Tower at 143 may request a complimentary gym membership. 
  • Students living at Essex, Elevate, 644 City Station, Bridges, and Mercer have access to on-site basketball courts, gym equipment, and more.
  • Salt Lake City connects with a variety of trails for running, cycling, and hiking as well as a bike share program where you can check out a bike as you need one.


Every student is assigned an advocate to help them make decisions regarding career goals and degrees, to assist with student success, and to ensure a student is on track for graduation. Advocates are assigned during First Year Orientation.


  • LeeAnn Prince - Director of Student Affairs
  • John Peppinger - Senior Student Life Coordinator
  • Phil Francis - Student Life Coordinator
  • Alice Nguyen - Academic Advisor & Registrar
  • Jennifer Jerichow - Residence Life Coordinator
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Mental Health

To assist our students who may be struggling to cope with the pressures of college life, Neumont offers recommendations for confidential counseling services, many charge a sliding fee based on the student's ability to pay. This service is offered at little to no cost to students and can be accessed during school breaks, weekends, and holidays.

Any students with concerns about the mental health of another student, whether the fear is that they will harm themselves or others, should contact the Office of Student Affairs who will discuss your concerns.

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