Neumont University Students Take STEM From Main Street to Mainframe

Salt Lake City, August 31, 2015--With Utah receiving a number-two ranking for states with the fastest-growing tech job status in the country (as reported by, August 14, 2015) and a continued STEM push by state legislators and Governor Gary Herbert, it’s apparent that technology is at the forefront in Utah.

Neumont University adds to the state’s tech-savvy scene with its bi-annual “Project Showcase,” this Thursday, September 3, 2015. The event highlights students’ tech-savvy creations and provides a real-time look at the ingenuity coming out of the state.

Neumont University, the Salt Lake City based accredited institution that grants bachelor’s degrees in computer science and related disciplines in three years hosts the event on campus (143 South Main Street,) on Thursday, Sept. 3, 2014 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The events has delighted attendees of all ages in the past as locals, students and faculty view projects across the computer science and game development-spectrum. Last year’s event submissions included video games, various web development projects, database and genealogy sharing, a location based reminder app and even a mind-controlled racecar. Students compete in in different categories both as teams and individuals in the hope of being declared, “Overall Best Project.”

Aaron Reed, executive vice president of academic operations, says, “It’s a great event that gives our students an opportunity to show off what they’ve been learning in and out of the classroom – and for our neighbors to get a better idea of what Neumont is all about.” Reed says the event is a natural extension for the type of education students have come to, and should, expect from Neumont.

“Our students are bright,” he says. “But they’re interested in more than theory. So our curriculum software engineering using modern languages and techniques—the same that are used in the industry today.”

Neumont students complete a sequence of projects, which begin in their freshman year and conclude with supervised projects for real employers. These hands-on projects are called, “Enterprise Projects.” Since Neumont’s founding, students have completed more than 349 Enterprise Projects with 81 different companies like IBM, Bosch, and eBay. Recently Neumont has partnered with local companies like Workfront, Towers Watson, React Games and Pluralsight.

Jayson Beagley, director of university relations, says, “The projects are not the end-game, but they provide our students with a portfolio of real projects that make them very desirable to employers.”

The public is invited to Project Showcase and see student projects from companies like Mura Interactive, MaritzCX and InContact.

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