Accepted students who have been awarded previous college credit are able to submit official college transcripts to be reviewed for transfer credit by the Registrar's Office. Neumont awards transfer credits for courses that meet our evaluation criteria from any school accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. For more information about our transfer credit policy, contact the Registrar.






Other University Credits

We're glad you're interested in transferring to Neumont College of Computer Science. Naturally, you're a bit concerned about transferring your credits from your current educational institution. Students who have attended an accredited college or university recognized by the U.S. Department of Education may choose to transfer their general education courses to Neumont. Transfer students will find that doing so allows them to focus more fully on advanced courses. However it rarely translates into fewer quarters in our rigorous academic program. Furthermore, students who have earned an associate’s or bachelor’s degree may qualify for a transfer scholarship.

  • We'll award transfer credits for courses that meet our evaluation criteria from any school accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • You will need to submit your official transcript and course descriptions from when you took the class (usually listed in the Course Catalog).
  • Please note: We don't accept course credit unless you earned a "C" or better.
  • Foreign transfer credits are accepted for transfer on the basis of the report of a credential evaluation service.
  • Transfer credits are not to exceed General Education credits allowances (and derive only from courses that are academically focused and non-trade oriented).
  • Courses must come from an original official transcript. Credit posted on a transcript as transferred from another school will only be considered from the original school's transcript.
  • A maximum of three credit hours will be accepted per course.
  • Labs can not receive credit.
  • Transfer credit for mandatory General Education courses are considered with evidence (catalog/syllabus/book) of a Neumont course match.

Neumont provides free transcript evaluation services for all enrolled students wishing to evaluate their transfer credit options. Neumont accepts transfer credits for coursework completed at another college or university, with certain limitations and eligibility requirements.


For transcript evaluation, please have your previous college send an Official Transcript to:
Neumont College of Computer Science Attn: Registrar
143 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

See the Student Handbook for details.


AP & IB Credits

Neumont accepts credit for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate credits. To receive credit, students must request scores be sent directly to the Registrar. Exams must fulfill required General Education courses.

  • A minimum of a 3 AP grade is required for transfer credit.
  • A minimum of a 5 on Higher Level Exams is required to transfer IB scores for credit.
  • Up to three Neumont General Education credit hours will be granted per General Education course.

Military Transfer Credit

Neumont will evaluate military experience for course credit, based on the Joint Services Transcript (JST). The JST is a uniform transcript of all military training and experience for service members of all branches, except the Air Force.

  • JST transcripts are available to enlisted soldiers and veterans, as well as active duty Army National Guard personnel and reservists, Navy, and Coast Guard personnel.
  • Only courses, training, and military experience that fulfills Neumont's general Education requirements will be evaluated from official JST transcripts.
  • Official transcript requests can be made on Joint Services Transcript web site at

Course Equivalency Exams

Neumont students who possess knowledge and skills related to specific classes are given the opportunity to demonstrate those skills in Course Equivalency Examinations. This allows students to continue with their course of study without having to take a class they do not need.

  • All Course Equivalency Examinations (CEE) must occur in the first four quarters of a student's program. This will give students time to plan their schedules accordingly.
  • Students who successfully pass the CEE will be given full credit for the class, but do not receive a grade. A CEE does not affect grade point average, but does count towards rate of progress.
  • Students can challenge a class, if they have not previously taken that class. Attending class for even one session constitutes having taken that course for the purpose of CEE.
  • Students must score at least 90% to have successfully completed Neumont CEEs.
  • Contact the Registrar for more information on CEEs.


For a complete list of all courses, exams, and experience accepted for Neumont College of Computer Science's General Education requirements, review the Student Handbook.

You may contact the Registrar for more information regarding the transfer process. 

Please keep in mind that transferring credits to Neumont is unlikely to reduce the amount of time it takes to earn a bachelor's degree. Rather, transfer students enjoy a lighter schedule giving them more time to focus on each course.

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