Welcome to the campus safety page. Neumont is committed to providing a safe environment for our campus community. On this page you'll find information pursuant to the Clery act, general campus safety procedures and tips as well as information regarding legal services, medical services and campus safety contact information. 

Clery Act and the Annual Security & Fire Safety Report 

The Clery Act (1998) is a consumer protection law that aims to provide transparency around campus crime policy and statistics. In order to comply with the Clery Act, universities must collect and submit crime reports and fire statistics, issue campus alerts, and provide an Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. This report includes campus security policies and crime and fire statistics for the last three calendar years.

To view the report please click here.

For a paper copy of the Annual Security & Fire Safety Report, please contact Vice president of academic operations Tim Clark. (phone: 801.302.2940, email:

General Safety

Neumont is a closed campus. Only students, staff, and visitors with approved photo ID badges have access to the building. The community relies on you to keep the campus safe. Follow these tips to keep our campus closed:

  • Do not let anyone into the building that you do not know. If someone is coming in the door behind you and you do not recognize them, politely ask to see their badge.
  • Always check behind you to ensure doors close securely.
  • If you see someone around campus who looks lost, ask if you can assist them. If they do not have a badge, escort them to the security desk to check in.

Salt Lake City is, on the whole, a safe city, but it is a city nonetheless and it is important that we all take individual measures to safeguard the security of our community.

We would like to remind you of some safety tips for living in an urban environment:

  • When walking around the city, or between campus and your apartment, use the buddy system and only stay in well-lit areas
  • Avoid the back alley after dark 
  • Be aware of your surroundings, and do not let anyone into the building behind you
  • Lock your apartment door and windows when you leave, and even when you are home
  • Whenever exiting or entering the buildings (campus and your apartment complex), please make sure the door locks and latches behind you

Report safety matters to the Student Affairs department as soon as you learn of them.  If you see or hear something, say something.”  Threats or hints of violence, behaviors that suggest a person may become violent, concerns about the well-being of a friend/classmate/roommate—anything that suggests the possibility, even remote, of a threat to our community—should be reported immediately.  People often think they are overreacting, or that someone is kidding, and thus don’t report their concerns; this is a mistake.  Trust your gut instincts.  REPORT ALL CONCERNS IMMEDIATELY.


Staff Member

Contact Information

Tim Clark 

Vice President of Academic Operations



Room 408

John Peppinger, 

Senior Academic and Student Life Coordinator


Room 107

Phil Francis,

Academic Student & Student Life Coordinator


Room 104

Lacy Clawson,

Academic Student & Student Life Coordinator


Room 105

Chiara Lane

Academic Student & Student Life Coordinator


Room 106

Jennifer Jerichow,

Residence Life Coordinator


Room 108

Student Affairs 

on-call phone


Resident Advisor on-call phone


Important Resources

Please note the following contact information for important community resources available to victims

  • Counseling for victims of sexual assault is available through a local rape crisis center: 801.467.7282.  Student Affairs will assist the students in identifying a counselor, or clinic and with scheduling an appointment. 
    • Victim advocacy services are available through Utah Office for Victims of a Crime: 


                  350 East 500 South Suite 200
                  Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

                  Fax (801)533-4127

  • Medical treatment is available at LDS Hospital, located at 8thAvenue and C Street, Salt Lake City, UT, 84143, 801.408.1100.  
  • Visa and immigration assistance is available through the Designated School Official at Neumont College (Alice Nguyen: 801.302.2845,, as well as through United States Citizenship and Immigration Service: 

         660 South 200 East, Suite 400
         Salt Lake City, UT  84111

  • Financial Aid assistance is available through the Neumont College Office of Financial Aid at 801.302.2873 and
  • Legal support and guidance is available through: 
    • The Legal Aid Society of Utah:
      • The main office is located at 205 N. 400 West, Salt Lake City, UT, 84103, 801.328.8849.  
      • Matheson Court House, Room W-17, 450 S. State Street, Salt Lake City, UT, 84111, 801.238.7170. 
  • The Salt Lake City Prosecutor’s Office, located at 349 S. 200 East, Suite 500, Salt Lake City, UT, 84111.

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